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Grease Duct

For sanitary and safety purposes, commercial kitchens require the installation of grease duct access panels. These duct panels allow service personnel full protected access to grease ducts during component cleaning and maintenance. Grease build-up in ducts can be a fire hazard, thus they must be cleaned regularly. Impress your clients and equip their commercial kitchens with a durable grease duct access panel from Access Doors Canada. We have 7 different standard sizes for you to choose from.

The GDD is a UL and ULC listed access door for installation into grease ducts. The 16 gauge steel construction along with the high temperature resistant gasket and sealant allows this door to be grease tight and airtight. This door meets or exceeds the requirements of all mechanical codes.

This grease duct access panel from Acudor features 16 gauge galvanized steel, 1” flange, removable hinge, and a galvanized steel finish. GDD is ready to ship in 4-6 weeks.

Renovating a commercial kitchen facility? Prioritize safety by installing effective grease duct access doors. Buy them from us today at the best value! Chat with us online or give us a call at 1-800-679-3405.

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