Floor Hatches

Do you need access to underground basements or stairways? A floor hatch offers a walk-in entry to these critical areas between building floors. Compared to other types of access doors, floor doors require heavy-duty construction since it has to withstand pedestrian traffic. Our FHA aluminum floor access door and FHG steel floor access door from Access Doors Canada are ideal for your floor applications. Shop these doors today in a wide array of sizes. 

MIFAB series floor access doors are for interior or exterior use where easy access is required. They are available in either prime coated steel (FHG) or aluminum (FHA). The angle frame construction with an integral anchor flange is designed to be cast into concrete. Standard units withstand load bearing of 300 lbs. per square foot. MIFAB’s floor access doors are designed for safety, durability, and ease of operation.

Popular features of the FHG and GHA models are 3/16" thick A36 diamond plate door, hot-rolled steel angle frame, 1" anchor flange, and tamper-proof steel hinges with stainless steel pins. These floor access panels are secured with a padlock staple. For product pricing and availability, don’t hesitate to talk to our product experts anytime. 

With 12 different standard sizes available, you can surely find the floor door you need at Access Doors Canada. We offer our MIFAB floor hatches at very affordable prices. Buy now!

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