Access Door Canada brings you the ADC-ML-ESDWB Series Dry Wall Bead Access Door from Elmdor. This door is attached to the wall flush, flat, and secured while aesthetically blending with your interior design and is perfect for new or renovation installation. This door is made from galvanized steel and stainless steel, with a prime coat finish that is ideal for painting to seamlessly blend with the wallings with an option of a screw-driven, Allen key-driven latch and cylinder key lock with dust shutter. It features concealed hinges to close the door squarely and prevent distortion. This door is ideal for ceiling and drywall surfaces since it has no handle and perfectly fits your drywall openings. 

This ADC-ML-ESDWB Series Dry Wall Bead Access Door is perfect for protecting building valuable components such as water supply valves or main electrical controls, or any other whatever it may serve. It ensures security and provides safe and easy access while giving an aesthetic look to interior surfaces. Whenever you want to incorporate Drywall Bead Access Doors in your project ADC-ML-ESDWB from Elmdor is perfect for your needs and ensures durability to meet the specific requirement for your project. 

 Whenever you are looking for an ADC-ML-ESDWB Series Dry Wall Bead Access Door, don’t forget to visit Access Doors Canada. With us, you can get durable and high-quality access doors products or call us at 1-800-679-3405 for more product details. We also accept customized size requests of ADC-ML-ESDWB Series Drywall Bead Access Door to suit your specific project requirement. 

Once you place your order from us, expect our product to arrive at its destination within five business days. 

Product Specifications

  • 24" x 24" Dry Wall Bead Access Door - 20G - Elmdor

    24" x 24" Dry Wall Bead Access Door - 20G - Elmdor

    Access Doors Canada brings you the 24 x 24" Dry Wall Bead Access Doors, door attached to the wall flat, flushed, and secured, giving you that Aesthetic design! The door features a concealed hinge that prevents distortion and closes the door squarely...

    MSRP: $130.87
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