Best Sellers

Your construction project needs to have the necessary construction materials to ensure it goes smoothly. There are so many types of equipment and building accessories that complete a building, and one of those is access doors. If you want to look for high-quality access doors and panels, visit Access Doors Canada's Best Sellers page, where we showcase our top-selling products that our customers like.

One product that our customers purchase the most is the .8" x .8" General Purpose Access Door with Flange from Cendrex. Commercial and industrial buildings use this access door on non-rated horizontal and vertical drywall surfaces or other surface types. It also has rounded mitered corners, a concealed pin hinge, and a ⅜" return around the door, making it the most robust door in the market. Moreover, the AHD General Purpose Access Door requires minimal locks and prevents sagging, unlike flat door panels.

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