Access Doors Canada is all about providing high-quality products for your access door needs. The ADC-DWB series presents exceptional durability and features, including its door and frame made from a 16 gage, galvannealed steel with a prime coat finish. Its structure has 1/4" mounting holes positioned to allow anchoring directly to studs to assure a secure mounting. 

A drywall bead on the frame allows the joint drywall compound to be applied over the bead simultaneously as the joints and corners. The flange has pre-punched holes to grip the joint compound and facilitate fastening the flange to framing members with drywall screws. Lastly, its concealed hinge prevents distortion and closes the door squarely.


  • Finish: Prime coat suitable for painting
  • Flange: Drywall corner beads flange
  • Hinge: Concealed pivot rod
  • Lock/latch: 5 x Screwdriver Operated Cam Latches
  • Material: 16 gauge galvanneal steel
  • Rough Opening Size: 36 ¼" wide x 36 ¼" high

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