Access Doors Canada always makes sure to provide you with top-quality access doors for your easy access needs. That is why we are proud to introduce to you the ADC-RAH Roof Access Hatch from Elmdor.

Elmdor Roof Access Hatches are designed and engineered for durability and safety, with ease of installation. The Roof Access Hatches install easily over the roof opening and are secured from the base flange to the roof. This roof hatch is fabricated from 14 gauge, A60 galvannealed steel on both curb and cover. Its compression springs are encased in zinc-plated telescopic tubes that are provided for a smooth operation of the cover. An automatic hold-open arm with vinyl grip will also be furnished. Latching shall include both interior and exterior handles with provisions for a padlock both inside and out.

Product Specifications;

  • Mount: Roof Mount, External
  • Material: 14 Gauge Galvannealed Steel
  • Latching System: Exterior Handle, Interior Handle
  • Additional Benefits: Contains Recycled Material, Recyclable

This roof hatch is also available in different customizable sizes. Simply give us a call at 1-800-679-3405and we’ll help you find the perfect access door for your commercial building. You can trust that with Access Doors Canada, we always make sure to deliver you quality products directly to your job site!