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For Floor Installation

Facilities that are constantly exposed to heat need a fire rated access panel. In case you need one for a floor installation, Access Doors Canada will be glad to provide you our Acudor fire rated floor hatch. Our hatches are industry-preferred with its self-closing and latching door mechanism. We have a wide array of product sizes available for your different needs.

Our fire rated floor hatch - Acudor is designed to maintain the fire rating of a 2-hour floor ceiling assembly in interior applications. Its angle frame construction with anchor flange is designed to be cast into concrete. The flush aluminum diamond plate cover is provided with a U.L. listed 165 degree fusible link for automatic closing and latching in the event of smoke or fire. 

The FRFD series feature 3"x 3"x 1/4" aluminum top frame with thermal break 3 1/2"x 2"x 11 gauge stainless steel bottom frame, type 316 stainless steel continuous piano hinge, stainless steel slam latch assembly with interior release, stainless steel bottom frame, hinges & hardware, and a mill finish. This item has a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Shop our fire rated access panels floor installation. This product is now on sale at a lower price. Place your order now!