Commercial facilities like hotels and restaurants have special aesthetic considerations. Thus, an access panel that is concealed or less visible should be used. Recessed access doors are created for this purpose. While securing access to mechanical, electrical or plumbing, these doors help preserve elegant wall or ceiling designs as it easily blends with the surrounding material.

Access Doors Canada’s selection of recessed panels include drywall with flange, no flange, drywall inlay (behind drywall flange), and fire rated. These doors come in various sizes to meet specific framing or opening requirements.

The drywall inlay access panel with detachable hatch features an aluminum frame, with drywall insert, for ceilings, drywall, and various applications. This door has special advantages which include a superior engineering & innovative design, quick, easy and flush installation in ceilings and walls and fast product delivery, among others.

For a drywall ceiling application where circular light fixtures, speakers, or smoke detectors are being used to maintain the aesthetic theme in the design, our circular gypsum access panel from Windlock is a wise choice. This panel is made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum and has a white finish.

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