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Fire Rated Floor Panels

Essentially designed to allow quick and convenient access to critical underground spaces, floor access panels with a fire rating should be installed where a fire door seal is needed. 

Introducing Access Doors Canada’s fire rated floor panel, the FRFD series is designed to maintain the fire rating of a 2 hour floor ceiling assembly in interior applications. It consists of an aluminum door & top frame; Stainless steel bottom frame, hinges & hardware. The angle frame construction with an anchor flange is designed to be cast into concrete.

Popular features of this door include 3"x 3"x 1/4" aluminum top frame with thermal break 3 1/2"x 2"x 11 gauge stainless steel bottom frame. It also comes with a type 316 stainless steel continuous piano hinge and stainless steel slam latch assembly with an interior release for locking or latching. 

FRFD’s flush aluminum diamond plate cover is provided with a U.L. listed 165-degree fusible link for automatic closing and latching in the event of smoke or fire. The automatic hold open arm with red vinyl grip keeps the door in an open position to ensure safe egress while the stainless steel compression springs provide lift assistance. 

Get this fire rated floor hatch ready to ship in your address in just 4 to 6 weeks. Place your order now! Our service hotline is 1-800-679-3405.

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