Steel Insulated

Not all access door materials are applicable for exterior applications. Incorrect product choice may only create additional risk instead of providing protection to utilities. Get the results you are looking for when installing Access Doors Canada’s steel insulated gasketed access door. This exterior panel allows quick and easy access to many outdoor utilities when adjustments are needed. You can also customize the door to match the rest of the surface. Our product selection includes items from our partner brands Acudor, Elmdor, and William Brothers. 

Buy our Elmdor exterior access door today at a much lower price. ED access panel series is manufactured and engineered to provide access to exterior applications ensuring years of protection against outdoor elements Our new technology helps to manifest resistance to water and vapor. This exterior door for walls and ceilings includes foam insulation and neoprene gasket on four sides. 

If you are looking out for a flush fully gasketed access door, you must check out our AS-9000 model. Commonly used in cleanrooms, laboratories, and operating rooms, this unit comes with a formed door panel, with a concealed hinge, and closed cell neoprene gasket which provides a tight fit. It is further finished with 5 stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of White alkyd baked-on enamel.

Learn more about the many benefits of our gasketed access panel steel insulated by talking to our product experts. Buy one today!