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Be able to cut project costs without compromising building construction results by using Elmdor access panels from Access Doors Canada. We offer sturdy access doors that are cost-efficient. Completing our quality product selection are the acoustical tile doors, acoustical plaster doors, ceiling fire resistant doors, drywall doors, doors with drywall bead, doors with metal lath, plastered wall doors, surf doors, and weather strip removable doors. 

Among our newly released products are the drywall bead access door and drywall access door from Elmdor. DWB is designed for flush installation in drywall surfaces and features a concealed hinge that prevents distortion and closes the door squarely. Its flange has pre punched holes to provide grip for the joint compound and facilitate fastening the flange to framing members with drywall screws.

Meanwhile, the Elmdor-DW is ideally suited for new installations or remodeling, in masonry, tile, wood or other wall and ceiling surfaces. The door further features rounded safety corners.

 For surface installation on drywall, masonry or thin-coat plaster, we supply SF surf series access doors that feature rounded safety corners and attached to the frame with a continuous piano hinge allowing a 175mm opening. This door is ready to ship in 12-15 days.

Buy our Elmdor access panels today, choose from our different sizes! Give us a call right away at 1-800-679-3405.

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