Are you insulating to meet building codes or reduce energy costs? Installing an insulated wall access door can provide for these purposes. Access Doors Canada offers a wide range of this product for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Our insulated doors aim to prevent air from seeping through and help with reducing noise to a bare minimum. Choose from our aluminum-weather resistant door, aluminum door with neoprene gasket, fire rated door, and a steel door with neoprene gasket.

Approved for exterior applications, the ED door series for walls and ceilings is manufactured and engineered to provide access to exterior applications ensuring years of protection against outdoor elements. Our new technology helps to manifest resistance to water and vapor. This exterior door from Elmdor includes foam insulation and a neoprene gasket on four sides.

If you are looking for an insulated, fire rated door applicable for use in walls and ceilings, we offer you our FW-5050 access doors. For walls, this door has an Underwriters Laboratories (UL and ULC), 1-1/2 hour "B" label, with a maximum temperature rise of 250 degrees after 30 minutes. This door should be used in walls when temperature rise or heat transmission is a factor. For fire rated ceilings, this door has been approved by Warnock Hersey International for 3 hours (max. size to 24" x 36").

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