Valve Cabinets

Valve boxes are relevant plumbing components. They are an enclosure designed to protect valves or controls from the weather and the elements while allowing access at the same time. Manufactured for durable and long-lasting use, choose the valve cabinets we are offering at Access Doors Canada. We are complete with products for in-wall installation and surface mounted.

One of our current featured items is the valve box with a hidden flange from Cendrex. The BTA valve box has a beveled door panel making it practical and aesthetically pleasing. It comes in various sizes and depths and can be pre-drilled to accept water pipes, gas pipes, and conduits. This door is complete with a high quality white powder coat finish. Product availability is 3-5 days.

For valves and controls that need to be concealed in the wall, but protected by a fully enclosed box, our recessed valve boxes offer an easy and convenient solution. The depth of the valve box can be modified to meet all the valve and control requirements. When required, vision panels, louvers, engraved plates can be supplied, along with special holes for pipes or conduits. You can choose from 4”, 6”, and 8” in depth and Allen head cam latch, screwdriver operated cam latch, and flush paddle handle for optional locks or latches.

For your new project, make the right move of choosing the quality valve box from Access Doors Canada. Order this product right away!