You should always ensure that you keep your commercial or industrial buildings safe from potential threats. Usually, your building components are the ones susceptible to damage and temperament from unauthorized personnel. You have to protect them by installing the ADC-WB-GP, which is a Premium General Purpose Access Door.

The WB-GP Premium General-Purpose Access Door is a precision-flush access door for both wall and ceiling installation. It likewise has a surround-trim that’s welded on all four sides to the return frame that far surpasses other access panels. Its surround trim provides strength and rigidity. The WB-GP has its door and all other components made out of aluminum.

The product also features a 14 gauge cold-rolled steel door, a frame that’s laser cut from one sheet of cold-rolled steel with no corner mitering which makes it aesthetically preferred by architects and buildings of professionals alike. It also comes with a fully-concealed offset hinge that allows an opening to 170 degrees, a stainless steel flush cam-operated with a screwdriver, and a number of hinges that vary with the size of the door to be placed on the long side of the door unless otherwise requested. 

Other options are also available at extra costs such as tamper-proof cams, hex, Torx pin screw assembly, key cylinder lock with key (code 151), Mortise lock preparation, air-tight neoprene gasketing, stainless steel #304 or #316 (#4 satin finish), galvanized/zinc coating finish, and masonry anchor straps

Don’t forget that you can get the ADC-WB-GP from reliable construction suppliers like Access Doors Canada. We guarantee high-quality products to all of our clients. You can get in touch with us at 1-800-679-3405 if you need to utilize them for your construction project. You also have the option to get them in different sizes, ensuring that they will fit on the roof opening without a problem.

Once you order them, expect our products to arrive at their destination within five business days!