LEED Certification

Access Doors Canada has a variety of LEED® products that can contribute to your projects that are targeting LEED® certification. Our access doors are quick and easy to install and are available in both insulated and uninsulated versions. Whether you’re looking for a LEED® certificated door for a new construction project, major renovations, or for installation commercial interiors, you can trust that our LEED® access doors can do the job. We guarantee that all of our products are made from high-quality materials. 

With the different kinds of LEED® certified access doors and panels, you might have difficulty choosing which ones will suit your needs. Make sure that you browse through all of our products, or you can simply check out our Best Sellers. And if you want to learn more about our terms and conditions, you should check it out here. Find out more about where contractors would usually use our products by reading one of our blogs!

LEED Certification:


Access Doors Canada’s access panels can contribute directly to a project's ability to achieve LEED certification:

  • LEED Canada-NC New Construction & Major Renovations
  • LEED Canada-CI Commercial Interiors