For new installations or remodeling projects, these gasketed access panels from Access Doors Canada are the ideal option. These doors can provide safe and convenient access to building fixtures behind walls or ceilings and are very easy to install. They also come in different standard sizes to meet various framing requirements. Browse through our product selection to find what you need.

For your different construction needs, we have airtight/ watertight access doors, aluminum insulated access doors, steel insulated access doors, and exterior access doors. If you prefer customized solutions, our team got you covered!

Introducing the LT-4000 lightweight aluminum access door for walls and ceilings, it has a durable design and lightweight components that make access to large openings in walls and ceilings easy. This door has a mitered aluminum frame and an aluminum door panel lined with 3/4" polystyrene insulation. The all-aluminum construction of the LT-4000 is ideal for exterior applications, and also those specific interior applications where corrosion or moisture is a concern.

There is also a lot to benefit from installing our exterior access panel with piano hinge aluminum. The EXT is a universal, exterior, non-rated access panel. A 20 ga/1mm plate or aluminum provides strength and rigidness and features, a key-operated turn latch closure. The door is on the continuous stainless steel piano hinge and suitable for left - or - right - hand operation. It consists of a welded aluminum frame and an inner aluminum frame with an aluminum inlay.

Take advantage of the quality gasketed access doors in the market, choose from our different sizes today! Call us at 1-800-679-3405 or chat with us online.