Our WB-MAP Plastic Multi-Functional Access Door, constructed of high-impact ABS plastic with precise UV stabilizers, is suitable for a flawless fit of door and frame. This door is a budget-friendly option for getting to electrical wiring, plumbing, and other utility applications hidden behind ceilings and walls. A convertible panel allows for flush or surface mount placement, a pivot-hinged door panel with a detachable feature, a door fastened to the return frame with a snap friction catch, and a white textured finish are all elements of this door. This WB-MAP is available singly wrapped or in cases. WB-MAP is a Canadian-made product.

Here are the other product features:
Finish: White textured finish.
Hinge: Pivot-hinged door panel with a removable component.
Lock/latch: The door is locked to return frame with snap friction catch.
Material: High impact ABS plastic with UV stabilizers.

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Product Specifications