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General Purpose

For a low cost installation of general purpose access panels, get your material supply from Access Doors Canada. Whether you’re working on a commercial, industrial, or residential project, there are a lot of benefits to installing our panels. Our wide product selection includes AHD general purpose for all surface types, AHD-GYP general purpose with drywall bead flange, CTA adjustable access door, CTR aesthetic access door with hidden flange, EDG-GYP concealed latch and mud in a flange, RMD removable aesthetic with hidden flange, RPL removable plastic, and SFM surface mounted. 

Our flush access door with concealed latch and mud in flange is practical with removable, concealed spring and pin type hinges and push-to-close latches. Once the corner bead plastered, the door becomes almost invisible. The BA-EDG-GYP is durable and economical since the door and the frame is composed of steel based materials. It is perfect for application on walls or ceilings composed of any material.

We also have a surface mounted access door with flange from Cendrex. The SFM access door does not require any framing or cutting of inner wall obstructions. It is designed to sit directly on the wall and can be installed easily with fasteners on the 4 corners. This door will be ready for shipping in 3-5 days. 

Do you need a general purpose access panel? Buy one from us today! Don’t forget to call at 1-800-679-3405.