Installing a roof hatch isn’t enough if you have building personnel that requires access to the roof during maintenance and repair work. Note that using a ladder to reach the roof hatch won’t work because it’s dangerous. If you want to achieve safety when accessing the roof, you’ll need the LAD, which is a Fixed Shaft Modular Ladder System.

Some of its features you need to know about include:

  • Provides safe, easy & economic access
  • Ladders Flat Packed Kit with rapid delivery
  • Modular design serving multitude of length requirements
  • Easy to store & install
  • Assembled on site, no special tools necessary
  • Non-slip Rungs ensure secure footholds & handholds
  • Standard Finish is Safety Yellow Painted, also available in Galvanized finish

Don’t forget that you can get the LAD from reliable construction suppliers like Access Doors Canada. We guarantee high-quality products to all of our clients. You can get in touch with us at 1-800-679-3405 if you need to utilize them for your construction project. 

Once you order them, expect our products to arrive at their destination within five business days!

Product Specifications

  • Fixed Shaft Modular Ladder System Fixed Shaft Modular Ladder System

    Fixed Shaft Modular Ladder System

    Fixed Shaft Modular Ladder System Component System - Fixed Ladder Create the desired length using 4 ft. & 5 ft. Ladder modules along with a variety of accessories & mounting options. Features: Provides safe, easy & economic...