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Commercial Construction in the North: Top 4 Trends You Can Do

As years go by, commercial construction experiences upgrades and improvements since it started. These experiences and upgrades differ yearly and in every part of the world. Canada in the northern hemisphere is no exception to these trends and has also experienced trends in commercial construction. These trends are indeed done by top-ranked construction companies as these are very influential and practical, making any construction company the best.

Here are the Top 3 Trends in Commercial Construction:

1.) The Use of Drones

Using drones in construction is very popular these days, especially in commercial construction, since most of the time, commercial construction deals with the construction of high-rise buildings. A drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is one of the great inventions of man, where you or your group can pilot the flying machine with surveying capabilities for surveillance purposes.

Here are some of the uses of a drone in a commercial construction site:

  • Planning and Designing
  • Site Analysis
  • Project Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Resolving Problems thru Information

2.) Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation have now made their mark on commercial construction. Robotics were present in the past in various ways but was outside the aspect of construction. Years of repeatedly using the same technique and machines, man had created advancements and linked robotics with construction and upgraded these techniques and apparatus to improve the construction industry.

Robotics in the construction industry provides benefits other than faster work time. Robotics also provides benefits outside of the construction site. 

Here’s a list of benefits that robotics in construction offers:

  • Improvement in labour shortages
  • Safer work environment
  • On-demand projects are doable
  • Meeting the industry demands
  • Efficient workplace
  • Reduces costs on operation and wasted materials

Here is a list of the innovative robots that are specifically for construction:

  • Demolition
  • 3D Printing
  • Brick-Laying
  • Self-driving
  • Surveillance

3.) Going, Green

Going green means the construction of green buildings. Green buildings made establishments whose purpose is to maintain or improve the quality of the environment where they are situated. Keeping a green building is no easy task as its requirements include minimizing the possible pollution generated by such buildings and conservation of water and energy, which means that the improvement of the quality of the environment extends to the design, maintenance, and demolition of the green building.

This design is perfect for commercial buildings, mainly if the company aims to promote cleaner earth. Green buildings come with numerous methods and techniques that you can apply and are still growing.

Here are some popular green building designs you can apply:

  • Green software – This is an advanced design that is trending nowadays. Green software helps the environment by limiting the energy consumption of the building. Another thing green software, also known as sustainable software, gives is reducing a building’s carbon footprint to improve the area around it.
  • Living walls and green roofs – This design is where vegetation is present on the building’s rooftop or the wall. This design has several benefits, such as improved air quality, waste management, and aesthetics.
  • Built-in solar panels – These are pre-installed solar panels on the building’s rooftop instead of installing one. This design saves rooftop space and energy consumption at the same time.

4.) Construction Software

Construction Software is a tool that helps contractors regarding the construction of a specific building in many aspects. There are tons of construction software available with just one click away. Here are two of the many capabilities the construction software can do:

  • Spending Management – Money is always in the middle of construction, and there are times when a misuse or impulsive spending of money happens due to unforeseen events. With the help of spending management software, you can control the money that goes out of the company’s budget, saving money.
  • Document Management – All documents are essential in a construction project. Employee information, bids, and receipts are just some examples. These are imperative papers, and this software helps you find and store these papers.

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