Recessed Floor Panels

Floor access doors should be installed as part of the floor plan. Whether it needs to be integrated into wood, tile or placed under carpets, it should be able to provide uninterrupted floor traffic as well as preserve the original floor design. Expect quality results when going with recessed hinged floor hatches from Access Doors Canada. Our Acudor and Cendrex floor door units are applicable for ceramic tile, concrete, vinyl tile, and carpet. 

Our FT series aluminum floor doors are designed for interior and exterior applications that require an access opening that will blend in with the surrounding floor material. FT-8040 is recessed 1/8" to accommodate carpeting and vinyl tile, while FT-8050 is recessed 1" to accommodate ceramic tile, terrazzo, and concrete. These doors are equipped with standard stainless steel slam lock with a fixed inside handle, removable outside handle, and removable threaded plug. 

Offering attractive but equally practical access between the interior floors of commercial buildings, our recessed aluminum floor hatch is popular among builders and contractors. Thanks to its recessed panel and frame, the PPA-RE will accommodate all types of floor coverings up to 3/4" in thickness. Choose from different recesses when buying this door model.

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