A removable access door is necessary when installing in confined spaces. It doesn’t require swinging open for easy operation and is quick to install with its detachable door panel. Now available in sizes 12” x 12”, 16” x 16”, 20” x 14”, 24” x 24”, and 8” x 8”, shop the removable access door with hidden flange today. At Access Doors Canada, we are proud to offer our quality panels at prices you can afford.

The RMD is ideal for confined spaces where access is limited or where a pivoting door cannot be used due to an obstruction. It is as aesthetically pleasing as the CTR with a door panel that is detachable from the frame. 

Popular features of this best-selling removable door from Cendrex include 16 gauge cold rolled steel, removable (No Hinge), high quality white powder coat primer, and screwdriver operated cam latch. Its concealed flange gives the appearance of a mudded-in flange, saving you time and labor.

Customize this door with quality locks and latches of your choice. Along with the RMD unit, we can provide you with a hex head cam latch, pinned hex head cam latch, 4” handle operated cam latch, and 4” key handle operated cam latch.

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