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Bruce Power Project to Help Canada Reach Net Zero Climate Change Goals

Recently, the primary power source of every structure and mechanism you can find runs on fossil fuels. Fossil fuel companies are gaining from the continuous utilization of coal, oil, and gas, driving global warming to dangerous levels. Due to the alarming effect, it has on our environment. Experts are looking for alternatives to minimize the earth's carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions.

Canada faces noticeable climate changes such as higher temperatures, switching rainfall patterns, and extreme weather conditions. Canada's climate change situation can persist and even increase in the next few years. Fortunately, Bruce Power is trying to make a change for the betterment of our environment.

Get to Know Bruce Power

Bruce Power is an electricity company established in 2001 in County, Ontario, Canada. Their dedication to saving the environment and supporting the communities in which we live inspires them to provide healthy, trustworthy, affordable net zero carbon nuclear power to families and establishments across the province and life-saving medical isotopes worldwide.

How Nuclear Energy Can Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Nuclear power plants do not produce any greenhouse gas emissionswhen in use. Nuclear power emits an equal amount of carbon dioxide per unit of electricity with wind and one-third of the emissions compared to solar energy.

Over 95% of electricity generated in Ontario comes from non-greenhouse-emitting sources. Because of Bruce Power's strategic plan to power significant parts of Ontario, Canada, a net zero emissions by 2030 might be possible.

Bruce Power's Net Zero 2050 Strategy Plan

The net zero carbon 2050 project of Bruce Power plans on creating a firm foundation of Canada's most extensive clean energy establishment programs on their site. For the past years, their program has contributed immensely to the nuclear sector's progress in phasing out coal-powered generation in Ontario, one of Canada's most prominent emissions-reduction initiatives.

They created five strategic pillars to achieve this mission;

  1. Optimize and leverage previous investments in Canada's most expansive private-sector structure project.
  2. Support innovation and research in new energy technologies, including unique fusion and nuclear energy.
  3. Utilize nuclear power to manufacture clean fuels and enhance industrial processes and transportation with historic leverage to help create national hydrogen and clean fuels strategy.
  4. Develop an environment with green-collar positions, including the nuclear, manufacturing, and energy development sectors, focusing on diversity by representing women, minorities, and Indigenous peoples.
  5. To inspire innovation and progress by supporting sustainability and acknowledging that any system must fight COVID-19 similarly and contribute to global health.

Visioning a Brighter Future with Nuclear Power

A brighter and healthier future is not as impossible as we imagine. Bruce Power's goal of attaining a net-zero 2050 is only the beginning in helping the world decrease the drastic effects fossil fuels have created for the world for the past century. Eventually, the instances of climate change in Canada can be non-existent with the help of helping hands that aspire to change.

In our small ways, we can contribute to this movement by utilizing LEED-certified products such as access doors for your electrical systems in your establishments for convenient monitoring and the like.

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