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Flynn Canada Limited: Get to Know One of Canada's Oldest Companies

A company's longevity relies on four factors, passion, competence, evolution, and luck. Without a doubt, Flynn Canada Limited has all it takes to stay and lead in the construction industry for around five decades. Here's a quick run-through of how the company survived a fiercely competitive business.

Flynn Canada Limited Background

Flynn group of companies Canada has made it one of the country's oldest and most successful companies. They have outlived other construction firms specializing in building envelopes, roofing services, and preventive maintenance.

From its humble beginning in the Canadian Prairies in 1978, the Flynn group of companies' locations has expanded to more than 20 offices across North America to provide quality services to its clients. Today, Canada's one of the top-notched building envelope companies has grown from a firm of fewer than ten staff to thousands of brilliant employees.

True to its core and goal of making a name in the national and international market, the leading total building envelope company started to strategize and acquire firms. In 1997, Flynn obtained Peerless Group of Companies. Peerless's additional resources and expertise bring forth assets to the business, allowing it to realize its goal.

The company continued to expand, and in the early 2000s, Flynn moved their office to Toronto and started adding services such as glazing to cater to a wide range of customers. After a decade, the company extended its operation into the United States. By applying the same strategy, Flynn continued to grow their empire on US soil, acquiring companies in Missouri, Arizona, Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado, and Texas, to name a few.

The addition of construction firms such as AARA Construction Inc., A2MG, Traditional Roofing, Control Roofing, Dalco Roofing Company, D&D Roofing, BRI Commercial Roofing, and Noorda BEC Inc. and Cobra Building Envelope Contractors made Flynn Canada Limited North America's top construction firm providing a variety of services such as roofing, building envelope, preventive maintenance, and glass and glazing work.

The Man Behind Flynn Canada Limited's Success

Don Flynn, the founder of Flynn Canada Limited, passed on the formula of success to his son, Doug Flynn. Currently, the company maintains its growing assets by growing the company organically and strategically acquiring construction firms from coast to coast.

The incumbent President and Flynn group of companies' CEO spearheaded the integrated and strategic coast-to-coast expansion in total building envelope services. The company has been searching for construction firms willing to be part of the Flynn family. Business owners who are in the building and construction, regardless of whether you are in retail selling roof hatches and access doors or a contractor looking forward to level-up the game, give them a call and get the best deal.

Doug's bold move to cater to the institutional, industrial and commercial businesses results in an increase in profit that helps the Flynn group of companies' net worth increase rapidly, with an annual revenue of $1.4 billion. However, despite the company's success, Doug understood that with their loyal and hardworking employees, Flynn might be a small-time construction firm in Canada.

The "Flynn Way"

Flynn Canada Limited's success encompasses the company's core values, culture, authenticity, strategic plans, and leadership style, with the latter being the primary key to ensuring the company's success.

In addition to all of these, Flynn ensures that their employees will feel valued regardless of their age, gender, rank, and location by providing in-house training, benefits, and packages to them. As a result, the employees' continued to provide quality work and best practices to the company.

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