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How EllisDon Construction Corporation Reached a $4.5 Billion Revenue Average

Average revenue is essential, especially in the commercial world. It measures how much you average earn from selling or providing services. You can commonly find it in subscription-based businesses, indicating how much you generate from each user, subscriber, or client. So why is it a big deal that EllisDon construction company in Canada reached an average of $4.5 billion in revenue? Get to know the company and the work behind it.

Who is EllisDon Construction Corporation?

Established in 1951, EllisDon construction company has been in business for 71 years, and who they are, at heart, has not changed. EllisDon Construction emphasizes the importance of its employees and how their clients, subcontractors, partners, contacts, and other relationships, are the key to their success.

While the company owes its success to its people, you might want to know who owns EllisDon? EllisDon is employee-owned but was founded in 1951 in London, Ontario, Canada, by two brothers. The brothers, Don and David Ellis Smith, then create their headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

What Do They Focus On?

EllisDon, in general, focuses on anything that an expert can build. Whether it is to transform, advise, digitize, finance, design, construct, equip, operate, or manage. As a construction company with high revenue, you can say that they know what they are doing.

EllisDon advertises itself as a culture of doers. Due to their constant innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, they created many of their teams. EllisDon focuses on the potential and ideas of their employees, encouraging them to open new ideas and ways to continue evolving within and with the company.

They focus on numerous types of projects, from general buildings to industrial buildings and civil buildings, and even modular projects. Here is a breakdown of the services they offer and examples of them:

Infrastructure Services & Technology

  • Sustainable Building Solutions
  • Furniture, Equipment & Design
  • Facilities Services
  • Transit Services
  • Energy & Digital Services
  • Project Advisory & Management
  • Project Advisory & Management International
  • Insurance Assessment

Capital Services

  • Infrastructure Development
  • Financial Advisory
  • Asset Management
  • Community Builders
  • ED Developments
  • Realty

Construction Sciences

  • Construction Engineering
  • Civil (Ground Engineering)
  • Construction Planning & Logistics
  • Design-Build
  • QA/QC
  • Building & Material Sciences
  • Mass Timber
  • Modular
  • Life Sciences & Technology

Digital & Data Engineering

  • Digital Support
  • Software Engineering & Dev Ops
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Digital Modeling
  • Digital Asset Delivery
  • Product Design
  • Gate Three

The Importance of What They Do

They garner such a high revenue because they do not limit their company and never limit their employees. An employee-owned business may seem like quite a risk, especially since there is no standard hierarchy for creating or pitching a good project. Watching how EllisDon handled their company, one can be sure they are doing something right.

If you note how Graham Construction, one of the most successful employee-owned construction companies, does its job, the main factor remains. It involves placing the power and control on the employees and not limiting their ideas to create further opportunities for the company.

Take Notes from the Best

From studying how these companies run and what they focus on, you will soon learn that the main reason the company succeeds is the employees. A dedicated group of people working together to further and expand a construction company's potential will yield better benefits. Focusing on something that will last is one of the best ways to ensure the success of any company.

Limiting ideas and not giving countless opportunities will limit the possibilities of a company, especially one that focuses on design and construction services. You can go from simple ideas like ensuring sustainable construction to choosing LEED-certified materials and alternative materials.

How Can We Help?

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