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​How the Expansion of the GO Rail Network Will Better Serve Toronto's Needs

The Go Rail Network's operation started catering to Toronto's transportation needs on May 23, 1967, opening 14 stations in the Lakeshore area (Lakeshore West, Lakeshore East Stouffville, and Lakeshore East). Over the years, the company has updated its go-train map by adding lines and stations to meet the general public's transport needs while addressing traffic.

Today, Go Rail Network has 68 stations, 90 locomotives, 979 Bombardier BiLevel Coaches, and around 526 Km system length and takes its passengers every 15 minutes to their destination. However, due to the increasing trend of Toronto's population, a GO Expansion (Go Regional Express Rail) program proposal to expand the go rail network to continue serving the commuters was raised.

The Metrolinx RER project is a multi-million and multi-year project aiming to provide infrastructure upgrades to faster and more efficient regional transit systems. Once realized, it will accommodate commuters off-peak and rush hours with more trips and accessible stations.

Metrolinx, the company behind the GO Rail Network expansion, already has stations in their Metrolinnx project maps. Other train expansion projects are also on the list, this includes GO train expansion to Peterborough, and a GO train extension to Bowmanville map is also in consideration.

But how exactly does the expansion of the go rail network benefit Toronto?

Top 5 Benefits of Go Expansion Program to Toronto

1. Economic Benefits

Transportation is one of the vital aspects that helps a region's economy grow. An effective and efficient transportation system strengthens the economy's foundation, including the social and political aspects. Without these two, producers, buyers, and investors will shy out from capitalizing in a specific region.

On a positive note, a solid social and political relationship amplified by transportation and transportation projects will invite more people to investors and entrepreneurs as it will help the goods and services reach their destination on time.

2. Health Benefits

An efficient transport system reduces commuters' stress and promotes physical and mental health. According to some studies, people taking public transportation have around two to three times more active than those with private vehicles, which lowers the chances of getting diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Less Traffic

Since most people will take the trains instead of driving their private cars and motorcycles, the road will have less traffic congestion and travel time for those travelling with their vehicles.

4. Environmental Benefits

Fuel-dependent vehicles collectively release more antifreeze and CO2 per mile than sustainable transport systems or public transportation. Decreasing air pollutants like carbon dioxide help heal Earth's ozone layer, which is currently depleting with a hole of around 23 million square kilometres.

5. Creates Employment Opportunities

A region with an effective transport system will attract investors, creating more businesses and job opportunities for Toronto residents. The accessibility of the place, amplified by the GO Rail Network expansion, will also attract more tourists, which means companies, particularly those who sell food and services, will need an additional workforce to meet the number of people in the area daily.

These benefits will surely help Toronto and its residents. However, to ensure that the trains will meet the 15-minute interval, the control system and the necessary wirings and other components must be safe from severe weather conditions, insects, dust, animals, and people that might accidentally knock off the system.

Thus, the company must consider protecting these wirings and components with access doors and panels. They can use a general-purpose access door and panel or fire-rated access doors. Both have sturdy materials that are strong enough to withstand severe weather conditions. The only difference is that the latter can prevent fire spread for a specific period when there's a fire breakout.

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