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Penn-Co Construction: A Humble Team Built in 1959 in Blumenort, MB

Penn-co started as a small farm-based logging operation situated at the simple Blumenort village, which has now transitioned to a general contracting business building quality establishments and infrastructure. It has expanded its offices to many more states in Canada and the United States, like Calgary, Toronto, Minneapolis, and Raleigh.

Their secret to over 60 years of success? They're committed to a company mission that aims to showcase an excellent project with a reliable demeanour and at a fair cost, satisfying the customers' demands and desires. The team has one common shared adage, "Building Confidence Through Performance," which ensures that each member works on the same page and in the same efficiency phase.

Introducing Penn-co construction's services

Undoubtedly, Penn-co's main expertise area is the General Contracting field. Nevertheless, their services include various construction industry work, such as:

Construction/Project Management

When hiring Penn-co as your construction or project consultant, they advise owners regarding design and building construction matters. As an advisor contractually tied to the owner, they give construction guidance to the designer and design recommendations to the constructors. On behalf of the owner, Penn-co relays all valuable suggestions needed.


When partnering with a general contractor company, the client often needs to look for another entity or freelance professionals—architect or engineer—to handle the design-building phase. However, this move is quite risky for the project oft-times. Hence, Penn-co ideally offers to be your design-build contractor, apart from being the general contractor, to minimize the delivery schedule further.

The perks of hiring the same company are that hired design-builder contractors can smartly overlap the design and construction phases. For the past 15 years, Penn-co has honed its design-building services and in-house design professionals. It has successfully handled diversified market sectors, including civil, commercial, industrial, and environmental.

General Contracting

General contracting is Penn-co construction; it's been their field of expertise for over 50 years. Construction? Renovation? Demolition? This experienced contractor company can astoundingly deliver. As a general contractor entity, they are responsible for planning, developing, and executing necessary means and methods to finish the project, conforming to the signed contracts.

From materials, labour, equipment, and other relevant construction services, Penn-co is culpable of performing it all. Take note that, at some point, the contractor has the freedom to hire subcontractors to do a task part, doubling the productivity speed of the project. Penn-co has bagged million-dollar works under their name, and some of their renowned projects even involve the First Nations communities.

Integrated Design Process

Penn-co's capabilities continue after working as an individual entity. They also have a service section that can work in integrated design collaboration, contributing to developing a holistic design. From conception to completion, they have a formidable team of professionals who will share their gained knowledge, expertise, and other essential inputs to make the project successful.

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Since the early 1990s, Penn-co construction has offered Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) services to buildings and infrastructures that aim to go green, meeting the green building system standard. Some LEED projects they managed have received green building certification from the Canadian Green Building Council, so their reputation remains undisputed when constructing environment-friendly structures.

Well-known projects

There's no better way of showing a construction company's reliability and quality of work than presenting its project legacy. Here are some of Penn-co's most notable completed works under their belt:


  • KitchenuhmaykoosibInninuwug New School
  • Wunnumin Lake First Nation School
  • Wapekeka First Nation School


  • Rest Haven Expansion

Water & Sewer

  • Shamattawa Watermain Distribution Upgrades and First Nation Water Treatment Plant
  • GNS East Reservoir Expansion
  • Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation Water Treatment Plant and Associated Works


  • Advanced Manufacturing Program Building National Research Council Canada
  • Sachigo Lake First Nation Police Detachment
  • Bear Skin Lake First Nation Police Detachment

Long term goals

As one of the construction industry's leaders, Penn-co Construction equips its pool of skilled professionals with proper guidance, the right vision, and a complete toolset they can utilize as a stepping stone in bringing their outstanding planned projects to life. The team and the company positively welcome new challenges and view them as a silver lining to work on and improve operations for the business to run smoothly and efficiently. This goal will also grant clients a satisfying experience and result at the best price they can provide.

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