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The Top 5 Green Building Design and Construction Projects in Toronto's Condominium Market

Incorporating green building practices into urban planning and design has become a trend in the construction industry. It helps create and develop more sustainable projects, whether it is in the residential, commercial, or institutional sectors.

In Toronto's condominium market, construction builders and developers embrace sustainable building practices to create environment-friendly and energy-efficient condominiums.

5 Best LEED-Certified Toronto Condominiums

Buildings are one of the primary generators of greenhouse gas emissions in Toronto, leading the government to draft and create guidelines and programs that aim to reduce Toronto's carbon footprint, promote energy efficiency and sustainability, and meet the net zero target by 2050.

Existing and new project condominiums follow these guidelines, from installing LEED-certified access doors and panels to green building design techniques to ensure the buildings are eco-friendly. Based on the infrastructure's features and LEED certifications, our best picks in Greater Toronto are here.

Aqualina Condos at Bayside

Aqualina Condos at Bayside is a luxury condominium in the heart of Toronto's waterfront community where residents can enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Ontario and Toronto's skyline.

It has eco-friendly and sustainable design to promote to help improve the occupant's mental and physical health and the environment's well-being by conserving natural resources, reducing pollution, and protecting wildlife and biodiversity.

The company has efficient waste management and has optimized all its systems to be more energy-efficient, from HVAC units to lighting, to improve comfort and indoor air quality and reduce the building's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The 13-story environment-friendly condominium concept leads the company to achieve the LEED platinum certification standard under the LEED NC DB+C 2009 rating system, a globally recognized system for sustainable building design and operation.

M5V Condominiums

M5V is a LEED-certified modern building located in the Downtown West neighbourhood. It offers various features that promote energy efficiency and sustainability, such as recoverable ventilators and programmable thermostats.

The condominium has high-efficiency HVAC systems and Energy-Star-rated appliances, which strictly meet sustainability and energy efficiency standards. The building's dee balcony design also helps the building's energy efficiency by decreasing sun and wind exposure. The infrastructure's energy consumption reduction is apparent through these systems, significantly impacting climate change.

The Berczy

The Berczy is a shining example of an eco-friendly mid-rise residential building designed with the occupant's and environment's health in mind, which led the architects and designers to incorporate various environment-friendly techniques throughout the building.

One of the green design techniques that they use is utilizing energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems and green roofs. Incorporating the wood and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints also help reduce the building's harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

All these paved the way to achieve their LEED certification. A proof that the residential building meets the strict sustainability and energy efficiency standards to ensure that its occupants can comfortably stay in their units.

One Cole Condos

One Cole Condos is one of the pioneering residential condominiums to kick off the Regent Park Revitalization project. It is a modern, environment-conscious building designed to meet Toronto's growing demand for eco-friendly residential units.

Among One Cole's notable features is a 20,000 square ft SkyPark. It is a perfect example that shows the people behind One Cole Condos' dedication and passion for promoting a sustainable modern building. To become one of the best LEED-certified residential infrastructure, the team planted 40 trees in the SkyPark along with different roof hatches to help secure their HVAC system and other essential building components. All these make One Cole Condo excellent for occupants and visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the city while surrounded by nature.

TD Centre Complex

TD Centre Complex in Toronto has an impressive design. Still, beyond its sleek and pleasing visual appeal, the condominium building has also become a leader in promoting sustainability and green building design.

The complex integrates different sustainable materials to improve energy consumption, water conservation, and indoor air quality to mitigate climate change and provide occupants with a healthy and comfortable environment.

Among the standard features the TD Centre builder enhances to achieve an energy-efficient unit are the building's windows, specifically designed to maximize the natural light while preventing the sun's heat from penetrating the room.

This high-performance glazing technique allows the unit's HVAC system to maintain the indoor temperature and air quality without working hard, reducing the monthly energy cost. The company also utilizes LEED-certified access doors to protect the building components from unauthorized access and harsh weather conditions.

Green Building Design: The Future of Condominium Market

Incorporating green building practices and techniques into construction has become a trend in Toronto’s condominium market, helping create environment-friendly and energy-efficient condominiums.

Utilizing energy-efficient products, LEED-certified access doors and green roofs to help reduce the city’s carbon footprint has produced various LEED-certified condominiums which promote and protect its residents and the environment’s overall well-being from the damaging effect of climate change.

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