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Want to Find Out More About the Aecon Group Inc Construction Company?

What started as several humble construction and mining companies in Canada now form a singular business consortium known as Aecon Group Incorporated. Over the years, Aecon Group has been responsible for some of Canada's most recognizable structure and infrastructure projects, such as the CN Tower and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Let's dive into some of the most iconic Aecon projects completed and their drive towards achieving Canada's international sustainability commitments.

Iconic Projects

#1 - The CN Tower

When construction began in 1973, the tower's original purpose was to serve as a massive antenna for point-to-point microwave links. These antennae require a line of sight to function, which was getting more difficult as buildings got taller. Canadian National Railway decided it would be time to build a communication tower and demonstrate the strength of the Canadian construction industry.

Today, you may recognize the CN Tower as one of Toronto's most iconic tourist destinations as part of Toronto's phenomenal skyline. The revolving restaurant, observation deck, and entertainment complex give this destination a unique experience for all its visitors. It still functions as a communications platform for companies in various mediums like FM radio and TV broadcasters.

#2 - St. Lawrence Seaway

Building this seaway took a lot of effort. Around 22,000 men worked continuously over five years from 1954 to 1959. As a result, they dug out 51 million cubic yards of rock and poured 2 million cubic yards of concrete. At the time, it cost more than a billion dollars to construct the waterway; accounting for inflation, it would be 10 billion dollars today.

One of the most incredible engineering projects of the 20th century, the St. Lawrence Seaway allows deep-draft vessels to access the Great Lakes of North America directly. Commonly known as "Highway H20", it handles around 40 to 50 million tonnes of cargo annually, generating 45 billion dollars of economic activity at the center of this seaway in Canada and the US.

A Greener Future

While plenty of other Aecon projects are just as iconic as the ones listed above, it shows that they genuinely are a construction industry leader. However, with the looming threats of global warming on our doorstep, what has Aecon done for our environment?

#1 - Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

The construction industry has long been one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, both directly and indirectly. As part of the leaders in the construction industry, Aecon committed to following the "#30by30." This target means they aim to reduce their emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to those observed in 2020.

This year, Aecon partnered with Volvo Construction Equipment to test the new ECR25 Electric Excavator. This electric equipment allows Aecon to reduce its direct greenhouse emissions significantly. In addition, instead of relying on idling vehicles or gasoline generators for power on remote job sites, they rely on solar panels mounted on their lights or fitter vans to power electrical equipment.

#2 - Better Greenhouse Monitoring

To see how effective their sustainability practices are, they need a way to measure their greenhouse emissions. Aecon partnered with an independent consultant for their direct emissions to quantify them, per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

What sets Aecon apart is its drive to quantify its indirect emissions too. As one of the first companies in Canada to do so, it shows that the industry wants a greener future and paves the way for other companies to introduce these practices into their workflow.

Your Own Greener Future

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