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​Why is PCL Construction One of Canada's Top 10 Construction Companies?

In Canada, companies get a reevaluation yearly to ensure that the company continues to uphold standard practices and quality services. PCL has been recognized more than 27 times and has been part of the platinum club for two decades. It now holds the title of the top construction company in Canada, ranking number 4 in the year-end evaluation. Get to know more about the construction company and how it took place at the top.

Who Is PCL Construction?

PCL handles small-scale renovations to billion-dollar scale projects. They can take modular construction that incorporates digital technologies and even cutting-edge sustainability. PCL has been working on construction for several decades, which is why they have been redefining complete services. They bring their expertise in every project type on any scale and provide innovative solutions.

They focus on innovative ideas and flexibility when it comes to construction projects. Whether you need someone to help you renovate your building or start construction from the ground up, PCL construction is the one you can trust to handle it efficiently without compromising on the quality of the services.

What Do They Do?

Knowing the company would not be enough to know how good they are. You must know what type of work they do and how they do it to ensure you understand what it takes to be on top. PCL deals with every kind of construction work that comes to mind. They handle the construction of sports areas, water treatment plants, and petrochemical facilities. They always focus on looking at sustainable alternatives to construction which already puts them a step ahead of others. Here are some services they are known for:

Services of PCL Construction

1. Constructability and Budget Control

2. Construction Services

3. Delivery Methods

4. Smart Construction

5. Emergency Response

6. Preconstruction Services

7. Prefabrication and Modular Construction

8. Self-Perform Capabilities

9. Sustainable Construction Services

What Makes Them Different?

Now that you understand who PCL construction is and what they do, it's time to know more about what they do differently that sets them apart from the rest. Being a top-leading construction company is not easy; neither does it happen overnight. One of the most challenging things PCL construction might have had to deal with would be ensuring sustainable construction services. Here are a few considerations that can help you create a more sustainable construction project:

Consider LEED Certifications

One of the surest ways to ensure that you are going for a greener or more sustainable construction is to consider LEED certifications. There are many ways to create a sustainable construction project or building with the help of using LEED products. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, not only aims to lessen the negative impacts commercial buildings have on the environment but also helps lessen energy costs which can be very beneficial for you.

Better Management Exercises

It takes years of company management and quality services. PCL focuses on these three things to gain momentum in the construction industry.


PCL Construction is always looking ahead regarding its construction projects and services. Innovation is one of the main things they focus on, given that they have vast experience and expertise in handling challenges that one might face during a project. PCL Construction strives to reach customer expectations.


The PCL construction focuses on progress and development. Not only in what they do but also with their clients and partnerships. They ensure they can provide comprehensive and immediate solutions for their customers, especially regarding construction needs. They do not want to compromise their company for their partnerships and services and vice versa, making them a reliable construction company for your projects and plans.


PCL Construction is an expert in various services, making them reliable in creating solutions for different complex projects. PCL is known to provide projects with a team specializing in whatever the project focuses on. It is one of the ways they ensure that the projects they handle go smoothly and ensures quality results.

PCL Construction Is the One You Can Trust

When it comes to construction projects, no matter how complex, you can trust that PCL construction has all the solutions and services you need. Ensure a successful construction project without worrying about constant delays and problems along the way when you trust PCL construction. Aside from solutions to complex construction problems, you can trust PCL to focus on sustainability.

LEED Certified

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