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Why the Annacis Water Supply Tunnel Project in British Columbia is Important

The Annacis Water Supply Tunnel Project is one of the five new regional water reserve construction projects in Vancouver, Canada. In fact, a part of the large-scale plan went into service in 2017, the Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel. Meanwhile, the establishment of the Second Narrows, which began in 2019 and Annacis, which kickoffs only this 2022, is currently in progressive development.

With Traylor-Aecon's general partnership with Metro Vancouver, the massive sustainability plan aims to replace the three hollow and old-fashioned water mains that residents of the region still use, starting any moment between the 1940s to the 1970s and up to this modern age. Aecon is also a well-known construction leader of Canada's Bruce Power Project.

Continue reading through this article to discover more about the Annacis Water Supply Tunnel Project's crucial role in maintaining high-quality drinking for British Columbia residents. Take note of the ongoing construction's impact on the community's day-to-day living, and check out how you can help the structure operation run seamlessly.

Let's start it off by discussing the two essential purposes of Annacis Water Tunnel Supply in British Columbia:

  • ENSURE A SAFE, CLEAN, AND QUALITY SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER: According to Metro Vancouver's committee chair, Malcolm Brodie, the agency commits itself to continuously upgrading the water supply tunnel system in the entire Vancouver state. This way, residents always rely upon the quality and safety of the drinking system in the region. Remember that approximately 2.7 million people entrust their water drinking quality to the water mains granted by the city, so advancement and innovation are a must.
  • WATER RESERVE TUNNEL CAN WITHSTAND MAJOR EARTHQUAKE: As stated, the three existing Vancouver water mains built between the 1940s and 1970s are on the brink of destruction, making it an extremely vulnerable infrastructure once an earthquake hit the British Columbia area. Hence, part of Meto Vancouver's capital projects is the enormous construction of a water reservoir tunnel that can stand firm regardless of how light or strong an earthquake's shaking impact is.

What can residents expect as the construction project is ongoing?

As Metro Vancouver's long years of construction start, residents can anticipate some streets to be busy, specifically in the main construction site, which is in the City of Surrey, at Grace Road, east of Highway 17. The construction will only happen from Mondays to Fridays with typical working hours, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, while weekends and holidays are off.

During the construction, you can expect the following activities to happen:

  • Temporary fencing installment: Metro Vancouver's partnered contractor will place fencing around the construction site to maintain the safety of every crew, pedestrian, and cyclist in the area.
  • Excavate a vertical shaft: After completing the site preparation, the hired workers of partnered contractors will dig up a vertical shaft, creating an entry point for the tunnel boring machine (TBM).
  • Deep excavation from Surrey to New Westminster: The underground tunnel digging will start from the shaft's entry point in Surrey and constantly progress until it reaches New Westminster's exit shaft.
  • Installment of water main installation: Once the excavation goal's met, builders will place a 2.6 m diameter steel water main inside the dug tunnel.
  • Building of valve chamber: After ensuring the water main installation, the team members will craft an underground valve chamber at every shaft site. This vital component is crucial in regulating water flow and making sure isolated sections are still accessible for maintenance or repair work in the future. Applying valve boxes or cabinets can also make the technician and cleaner's tasks much easier and quicker to finish.

Walking closely with the community

Metro Vancouver and its contractors' companions Traylor and Aecon, value the British Columbia community. Residents can assure that these entities are always open to taking into account every concern or interest each community member suggests to make the project's progress efficient, seamless, and hassle-free.

In regards to the heavily affected construction sites like the City of Surrey, the agency has proposed a restoration plan to keep the biodiversity and ecological health of the area alive. Part of the rehabilitation plan includes replanting various tree and shrub types.

On the other hand, other impacted roadways can also anticipate the same or much better rebuilding of the damaged pathways.

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