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Exploring the Record-Breaking $273 Billion Total Invested in ReNew Canada's Top 100 Projects

Renew Canada's Top 100 Projects is an annual list of Canada's most impactful infrastructure projects. It provides a platform to recognize these projects' benefits and allows everyone to see the biggest infrastructure projects in Canada.

Background on Renew Canada's Top 100 Projects

ReNew Canada has been speaking out on public infrastructure in the country since 2005. Their content encourages conversations around the regulations, strategies, and funding solutions needed to effectively construct and manage our nation's infrastructure assets.

Projects included in the report must meet specific criteria like having an active procurement process with a confirmed project cost and having secured funding support. It's then compiled and arranged based on total dollar investment. This list aims to showcase Canada's major infrastructure projects and provides insight to the masses on private and federal infrastructure projects.

Construction Goes On Despite Challenges

Despite the pandemic improving, Canada's public infrastructure sector faced a new challenge in the form of economic instability and rising inflation over the past year. The 2023 version of the Top100 Projects Report expresses that the nation persevered with launching essential infrastructure schemes, regardless of any adversities they faced.

The most recent edition of the report for 2023 revealed an investment of nearly $10 billion in 11 new initiatives. Out of which, eight came under the domain of building development. Two other sectors, i.e., water-wastewater and transportation, had the rest of the projects.

Taking a Look At Some Notable Projects

The 2023 Top100 Projects report includes extensive infrastructure projects from all over Canada. We take an in-depth look at some of the largest ones here:

  • Site C Clean Energy Project (Energy Sector)

The Site C Clean Energy Project is an ambitious undertaking that has the potential to reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions significantly. This ambitious project could produce up to 4,600 gigawatts of renewable energy each year, providing power to over 450,000 households. This project is a crucial milestone in the nation's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving its goal of reducing emissions by 40-45% by 2030. With this initiative, Canada is taking a significant step forward in transitioning towards a clean energy future.

Despite the current economic situation, BC Hydro's CEO believes that Site C can still reach its milestone of generating power in December with the necessary resources and personnel.

  • GO Expansion – On-Corridor Works (Transit Sector)

The expansion of the GO Rail Network is a significant milestone for Metrolinx, Infrastructure Ontario (IO), and ONxpress Transportation Partners. This project's Development Phase will help create a modernized transit infrastructure across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

The aim is to turn the GO Transit service into a two-way, all-day service that runs every 15 minutes along its entire network. This unprecedented investment will make travel more efficient for commuters, spur economic development, and create regional jobs.

The infrastructure upgrades will involve: constructing extra tracks, enlarging stations, electrifying the rail system, and introducing new locomotives and train control systems, allowing more regular service.

  • Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (Water Sector)

Wastewater treatment plants help protect our planet's most precious natural resource: water. But unfortunately, these plants can often be harsh on the environment and drastically alter the surrounding ecosystem.

Metro Vancouver is taking action toward protecting the environment and public health. The region has committed to investing in a new wastewater treatment plant that will reduce the impact of pollutants on the environment and local communities.

The Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant is undergoing a massive renovation and upgrade to improve water quality, protect against earthquakes and sea level rise, and create an ecological haven for local wildlife. This project involves extensive engineering, design, and construction to provide the local community with years of cleaner, healthier water. The project will also enhance the surrounding ecosystems with sustainable practices promoting biodiversity.

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